The Restful Jaw: For Patients

Tired of your jaw hurting during and after your dental appointments? Ask your dentist for the Restful Jaw support device.

If you suffer from jaw pain or TMJ/TMD during and after dental appointments, be assured.

With the Restful Jaw, you’ll experience significantly less jaw pain, fatigue and soreness from your next dental appointment.

The device’s memory foam cushion will support your jaw so that you can relax in comfort while your mouth is open.

The Restful Jaw is a clinically proven device that can:

    • Comfortably support your jaw during any dental procedure.
    • Minimize jaw pain and soreness during and after dental treatments.
    • Prevent jaw locking and overextension.
    • Reduce treatment breaks and overall treatment time.
    • Decrease the need of post-treatment painkillers and follow-up appointments.

It’s invented by an expert who truly cares about your jaw pain.

Dr. Eric Schiffman is a 30-year faculty member at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Early in his dental career, he saw the need for an external jaw support device after observing his TMJ/TMD patients painfully support their jaw with their own hands during dental procedures.

While there are many tools like rubber dams and bite blocks to hold the mouth open, there is nothing to simply support the jaw. Dr. Schiffman began testing and refining the device more than a decade ago in clinical trials. As director of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry’s TMD and Orofacial Pain Clinic, Dr. Schiffman continues to research, treat patients and train residents in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ/TMD.

The Restful Jaw was invented by a TMJ/TMD expert with you in mind.
With the Restful Jaw, you can be assured you’ll experience less jaw pain, fatigue and soreness during and after your dental treatment.