The Restful Jaw: For Doctors

“The stability provided by this device helped the patient relax more and held their tongue much more still. My procedure time decreased significantly (approx. 30%) and it did not get in my way or my assistant’s during any of the procedures. My patient wished we would have used it during their last implant surgery.”

–Michael J. Lassle, D.M.D.

Indications for using the Restful Jaw include:

  • Long procedures that require the patients to hold their mouth open for an extended duration.
  • Any procedure that places a significant force on the patient’s mandible (e.g, extractions).
  • Any procedure for symptomatic TMD/TMJ patients (10-15% of U.S. adults).
  • Asymptomatic patients with signs of TMD.
  • Movement disorders (e.g.,, Tardive dyskinesia, Parkinson, MS, hyperactivity, etc).
  • Geriatric patients.

Watch the short product video.

The Restful Jaw is the latest innovation in patient comfort.

It’s the only product on the market that’s clinically proven to:

  • Significantly reduce jaw pain, tiredness and discomfort during dental procedures.
  • Have excellent patient acceptance. Dental patients, with or without existing jaw conditions, want the device for dental treatment.
  • Provide comfort to patients for procedures lasting an hour or longer – especially those with TMD.

Jaw pain during dental procedures costs you time and money.

More than 18 million U.S. adults experience jaw pain and discomfort from even routine dental care, resulting in treatment breaks and delays.

Take your dental practice to the next level.

With more than five million patients terminating dental care due to unbearable jaw pain, patient satisfaction suffers regardless of how effectively you treat them.

To survive in an increasingly crowded dental market, competitive differentiation through practice efficiency and patient satisfaction is critical.

How the Restful Jaw can help you:

Practice Efficiency

    • Work faster with fewer treatment breaks.
    • Get more stability and precision when the patient’s mandible is supported – especially when used with a bite block.
    • Reduce treatment delays and uncompensated time spent on jaw pain complaints.

Patient Satisfaction

    • Relieve their fear of jaw pain and soreness.
    • By comfortably supporting the mandible, you can offer offer your patients the elective dental treatment they’ve avoided.
    • Show patients you care by using this clinically proven device in your daily practice.


    • Differentiate your practice by significantly reducing jaw pain from dental procedures – a common problem without an effective solution, until now.
    • Market a restful dental experience above and beyond your regular practice.
    • It’s simple, comfortable, durable, noninvasive and universal fit to give your practice a competitive edge.

Minimize patient jaw pain and maximize revenue with the Restful Jaw.