Dental Practitioner Testimonials

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“The Restful Jaw has made a huge impact on my practice in just a few weeks of using it. Today, I got the first hug after an extraction in nearly 20 years of practice! My patient told me she felt that I was ‘couching’ her jaw throughout the surgery and it was the most comfortable extraction she’s ever had.”

–Kevin Huff, D.D.S.

“The stability provided by this device helped the patient relax more and held their tongue much more still. My procedure time decreased significantly (approx. 30%) and it did not get in my way or my assistant’s during any of the procedures. My patient wished we would have used it during their last implant surgery.”

–Michael J. Lassle, D.M.D.

Its a lifesaver when you need it … like for Parkinson and TMD patients. The Parkinson patient’s jaw was moving so much we could not have done the work. But with the device, their jaw stopped moving. Amazing. And with the TMD patient … when we put the device on her, she was able to relax and we got the work done. The patient loved the device!.”

–Gerald “Jerry” Gray, D.D.S.

“From a dental assistant’s point of view, I found the device to be almost non existent. It did not get in my way when evacuating the patient’s mouth, passing instruments across the patient’s chest underneath the chin or placing the lead apron across their chest. During the procedure, I didn’t notice the patient shifting around in the dental chair in search of comfort.”

–Dental Assistant, MN.

“I love the Restful Jaw! I did not need to stop even once during a crown prep appointment to let the patient rest their jaw. The appointment time was substantially shorter and the patient felt better and happier, too.”

–Elizabeth Hasselman, D.D.S.

“What’s better than having a solution for when the patient says their jaw hurts … instead of using more anesthesia or additional appointments to complete their treatment.”

–Lisa A., Clinical Assistant Professor, Hygiene & Primary Dental Care

“The Restful Jaw is the latest in patient comfort for all types of dental procedures. I have used it and recommend it. You’ll get your work done faster when the patient isn’t moving all around in discomfort.”

–Prosthodontist, MN

“I hesitated making the investment until I went back to my office and found over a dozen times I really wished I had it … It is everything they say it is.”

–Tom Schoen, D.D.S.

“Great device … Every dental office should have one.”

–Antonio Romero-Garcia, D.D.S., PhD.

“I like it because the patients love it.”

–Dr. Amber Zedler, D.D.S.

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