“I was nervous about getting additional but necessary dental work done, especially since it required substantial pressure on my jaw … The fact that they had the device meant they were more aware of the issue and that made me feel more comfortable.”


“I used the Restful Jaw during a recent tooth extraction. I felt very comfortable and secure, and had no jaw pain after the procedure … The extraction took about ten to fifteen minutes less time than was expected. I was very pleased with the Restful Jaw, and would like to use it next time I have the need. If I were a dentist, I would buy one.”


“I cannot believe how hard my dentist cranked on my jaw, but I barely needed to resist.”


“I do not know how people could have gone without this device up until now … very supportive and comfortable.”


“It makes me want to go to the dentist … I haven’t been to one in five years!”


“I liked it because I could relax.”


“As a patient with occasional flare-ups of TMD, I won’t have dental treatment done without it.”


“Wearing The Restful Jaw felt like I was getting a hug!”


“For someone who has a fear of dentists, it felt like a Linus’ blanket for me.”

–Mary Lou

“I have an extensive jaw injury, a high gag reflex, and anxiety if I’m not with the correct dentist/hygienist. I love Restful Jaw. It relieves neck and jaw tension that were making matters worse. I feel safe and can relax. Getting strapped in is a small concern, compared to the overall benefit I’ve received.”


More testimonials coming shortly.

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