The Restful Jaw®: Quick Facts

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What’s the Restful Jaw?

  • An external jaw support device worn by dental patients.
  • Supports the patient’s mandible while their mouth is open during dental procedures.
  • Clinically proven to significantly reduce jaw pain and fatigue during and after dental procedures.
  • Invented by Dr. Eric Schiffman, D.D.S., M.S., an international expert in TMD diagnosis and treatment.


  • Endodontics.
  • Restorative.
  • Oral surgery.
  • Conscious sedation dentistry.
  • Any extended or long dental procedures that require the patients to hold their mouth open for an extended duration.
  • Patients with special needs and movement disorders (e.g., Tardive dyskinesia, Parkinson, MS, hyperactivity, etc).
  • Geriatric patients.
  • Any procedure that places a significant force on the patient’s mandible (e.g, extractions).
  • Symptomatic TMD/TMJ patients (10-15% of U.S. adults).
  • Asymptomatic patients with signs of TMD.


  • Up to 30% reduction in treatment time* from reduced patient needs for treatment breaks and termination to relax the jaw, and enhanced mandible stability during dental procedures.
  • Patient protection from jaw overextension and jaw locking.
  • Prevents dental procedures from causing TMD, or exacerbating patient’s existing symptomatic/asymptomatic jaw conditions.
  • High patient acceptance of jaw support comfort.
  • Universal fit for adult-size patients.
  • Device fitting and adjustment takes less than 3 minutes.

Technical Specs:

  • Height x Length: 13 in x 8.75 in.
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Textile parts are machine washable. To clean after use, simply wipe with standard clinical wipes.

Clinical Study Citation:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the indications for using the Restful Jaw?

Any long dental procedure for supporting the mandible from the dental forces on the jaw. Other key indicators include: Symptomatic TMJ/TMD patients; asymptomatic patients with signs of TMD; movement disorders (e.g., Tardive dyskinesia, Parkinson, MS, or geriatric patients) – hyperactivity can be reduced by securing the device shoulder straps around dental chair, instead of the patient.

How does the Restful Jaw work?

The Restful Jaw’s memory foam cushion supports the patient’s mandible in the open mouth position. With the device’s support, patients do not have to tense their jaw muscles to hold their mouth open. The Restful Jaw is clinically proven to minimize jaw pain, fatigue and soreness from dental procedures.

Does the device fit all patients?

Our ongoing field studies show that the Restful Jaw fits a wide range of adult sizes and shapes.

Will the device interfere with my dental work?

No. The device supports the patient’s mandible and does not get in the way between you and the patent’s mouth.

Will the device block access to the patient’s airway?

Based on our clinical studies with sedated patients, the device does not block access to the patient’s airway.

Can the device be used in pediatric dentistry?

The current device is made to fit adult-size patients. A separate product extension is currently under design for pediatric dentistry.

How much does the device cost, and where can I purchase it?

For price inquiries, please contact us. The device is currently available for preorder to professional and certified dental practitioners or administrative personnel only. Unfortunately, the device is not for sale to patients at this time. If you are a patient and you would like to experience the Restful Jaw in your dental appointments, please tell your dentist about us.

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*Based on results from device field study.