Dr. Schiffman publishes the first evidence-based diagnostic criteria of TMD

Saint Paul, Minn. – February 5, 2014 – The first evidence-based diagnostic criteria to better diagnose temporomandibular disorders (TMD) was published In the January 2014 edition of the Journal of Oral and Facial Pain and Headache. Dr. Eric Schiffman, D.D.S., M.S., inventor of the Restful Jaw®, was a co-lead author of this research with a group of 32 co-authoring scholars and doctors from North America, Europe and Australia.

Schiffman says, “We relied on science as a methodology to test our best assumptions and see if we were actually correct. This criterion aids health professionals in assessing and treating TMJ patients.”

The latest criteria, named DC/TMD, has two axes to the diagnosis: Physical and psychosocial assessment. The physical assessment uses questionnaires that differentiate the patient’s TMJ related pain into common subsets. Then the psychosocial assessment determines pain location, intensity, disability, psychological distress, and more.

“By diagnosing the person, beyond only the physical condition, a whole avenue of treatment options opens up,” says Schiffman. “Instead of prescribing mouth guards, exercises, or surgery, practitioners can consider trying bio-behavioral treatments including relaxation techniques and biofeedback to help the patient successfully manage their TMD. In short, you can better customize the treatment to fit the whole person, not just their disorder.”

This study was a part of Dr. Schiffman’s $8.2 million National Institute of Health grant. He applied these same rigorous scientific insights and clinical methods to develop and test the Restful Jaw device.

See the full published article here.



About The Restful Jaw® Company: The Restful Jaw® Company is a FDA-registered medical device manufacturer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, manufacturing the Restful Jaw® support device. Our mission is to make innovative products for the dental practitioner to work more efficiently and to make the dental treatment experience more relaxing and restful for the patient. On the strength of our decades of experience in academic research and clinical testing, we provide you with safe, sturdy, and comforting dental equipment.

Expert recommends using Restful Jaw® to avoid potential legal and clinical problems when treating TMJ patients

Saint Paul, Minn. – November 8, 2013 – On November 6, 2013, a continuing education course Protecting Your Practice: Legal and Clinical Red Flags was held in St. Paul, Minn. During the course, Dr. James Fricton, founder of the TMJ clinic at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, advised attending dentists to use the Restful Jaw® external support device when treating patients with pre-existing TMD to avoid potential legal and clinical problems.

About a quarter of the general population experience orofacial pain*, and more than half of patients with TMD attribute the cause of their jaw pain to prior restorative or surgical dental treatments**. Dr. Fricton cautioned the dentists to determine first if the patient’s existing jaw pain is a simple or complex case before beginning treatment. Course attendees learned from case studies how the Restful Jaw® device can significantly reduce patient jaw pain by externally supporting the mandible during dental treatment. Dr. Friction also highlighted the importance of using the device to protect the TMJ during sustained mouth opening and from the down ward force of tooth extractions on the mandible.



* De Leeuw, R., Klasser, G.D. (Eds.). (2013). American Academy of Orofacial Pain, Guidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis and Management. Chicago, IL: Quintessence Books.
** Fricton, J.R., Kroening, R., Haley, D., & Siegert, R. (1985). Myofascial pain syndrome of the head and neck: a review of clinical characteristics of 164 patients. Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, 60(6), 615-623.

The Restful Jaw® meets the next generation of dentists

Saint Paul, Minn. – October 20, 2013 – A group of third and fourth year students at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry met the Restful Jaw® last week. They got a hands-on experience with the latest noninvasive jaw support device invented by veteran faculty member Eric Schiffman, D.D.S., M.S.

This clinically-tested external device:

  • can reduce treatment breaks, pain complaints and overall treatment duration,
  • significantly reduces patient’s jaw pain and fatigue during and after dental treatment, and
  • comfortably supports and protects the patient’s jaw from downward forces.

Several of these future dentists tried on the Restful Jaw device and personally discovered how this unique innovation in dental comfort supports the patient’s mandible. In the lecture, students learned how they can minimize patient jaw pain during routine care and increase practice efficiently.

Dr. Schiffman, director of the dental school’s division of TMD and Orofacial Pain, is the international expert on diagnosis and treatment of TMJD. He’s authored more than 40 research publications and received more than $14 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health. His findings are considered the seminal work in the field with practice-based research outcomes.

Restful Jaw™ inventor teaches popular TMD miniresidency

Saint Paul, Minn. – September 19, 2013 – This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Restful Jaw™ inventor, Eric Schiffman, D.D.S, M.S., teaching the University of Minnesota’s TMD and Orofacial Pain Miniresidency, Sept. 16-18.  Held annually for the last 20 years, this popular continuing dental education course is often wait-listed. Under Dr. Schiffman’s tutelage, more than 600 dentists and physical therapists have participated in the miniresidency from all over the US and Canada, and abroad.

Providing a hands-on experience that features speakers accomplished in their disciplines, attendees received clinically relevant and evidence-based background information for diagnosing and managing their TMD patients.

The Restful Jaw™ ad in General Dentistry

Saint Paul, Minn. – September 9, 2013 – The Restful Jaw™ device made its nationwide debut in an ad in General Dentistry this month (page 19) to 34,000 readers. It is no coincidence that a peer-reviewed article (page 26) is published simultaneously on the clinical efficacy of supporting the patient’s mandible during dental work using the Restful Jaw™ external support device.

Find out why dental care providers and patients are talking about this noninvasive, simple, and easy to use product for patient comfort. It’s clinically proven to significantly reduce jaw pain soreness and fatigue from dental treatment.

Dental care providers have found they work faster with fewer breaks during long dental procedures, and can treat patients with movement disorders and TMJ/TMD with special care.

The Restful Jaw™ device is now available for preorder.

To learn more, go to www.restfuljaw.com, email us at info@restfuljaw.com, follow us on twitter at @restfuljaw, or call us at (651)-964-2529 (964-aJaw).

The Restful Jaw™ clinical results published in General Dentistry

Saint Paul, Minn. – September 9, 2013 – A peer-reviewed article published in General Dentistry this month, confirms the clinical efficacy of supporting the patient’s mandible with the Restful Jaw™ external support device.

In randomized clinical trials, patients indicated they wanted the device for future dental treatment because they experienced significantly less jaw pain, soreness and fatigue when using it.

In field studies, dentists using the device find they can work faster with fewer breaks during long appointments, and treat patients with movement disorders and TMJ/TMD with special care.

Dental care providers and patients are talking about this noninvasive, simple, and easy to use product for patient comfort.

The Restful Jaw™ device is now available for preorder.

To learn more, go to www.restfuljaw.com, email us at info@restfuljaw.com, follow us on twitter at @restfuljaw, or call us at (651)-964-2529 (964-aJaw).

Clinical rotations of the Restful Jaw™ showing great results

Saint Paul, Minn. – July 31, 2013 – Students in hygiene, prosthodontics and endodontics have started using the  Restful Jaw™ external support device in their clinics at the  University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. All the patients and dental practitioners who have used the device found it very helpful to endure the long appointment times experienced in the dental school setting.

In one case, a senior student in hygiene relied on the Restful Jaw™ device to provide dental care to a patient with Tardive Dyskensia, an involuntary movement disorder. The patient was “very satisfied and comfortable” with the device on during the appointment.

To learn more about the Restful Jaw – the newest product in dental patient comfort – visit www.restfuljaw.com, follow us on Twitter at @restfuljaw, email us at info@restfuljaw.com, or call us at (651)-964-2529 (964-aJaw).

Great response at Star of the North 2013

Saint Paul, Minn. – April 26, 2013 – We’re gaining momentum with awareness of the Restful Jaw™ by exhibiting for our second consecutive year at the Star of the North dental meeting, April 25-27, 2013.

We’ve introduced hundreds of Upper Midwest dental personnel to the concept of supporting the mandible with our simple, comfortable external jaw support device.

We enticed attendees to try on the jaw support in our booth dental chair (generously provided by Patterson Dental) to enter a $250 VISA card drawing. Congratulations to Marilyn Cloeter, Mork Dentistry, Winona, Minn., for trying on the Restful Jaw at the show and winning the gift card!

The Restful Jaw™ inventor invited to 2012 symposium of European Society of TMJ Surgeons

Saint Paul, Minn. – October 18, 2012 – Dr. Eric Schiffman, international expert on the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders, and inventor of the Restful Jaw™, was a discussion panelist at the annual meeting of the European Society of Temporomandibular Joint Surgeons (ESTMJS) Oct. 4-5, 2012, at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Dr. Schiffman’s study finding that nonsurgical options are the best treatment for almost all TMJ disorders was published in the Journal of Dental Research in 2007.  His study was rated the best ever done in the area of TMJ surgery, based on a systematic review by an international independent organization.

Cochrane Collaboration supports findings of the Restful Jaw™ inventor

Saint Paul, Minn. – May 1, 2012 – In April 2012, The Cochrane Collaboration announced a study by Dr. Eric Schiffman was the best ever done in the area of TMJ surgery. This independent international collaboration’s work is recognized as the benchmark for high quality information about the effectiveness of health care.

Dr. Schiffman’s, “Randomized Effectiveness Study of Four Therapeutic Strategies for TMJ Closed Lock,” concluded that surgery is rarely, if ever indicated, even in cases of severe TMJ.  His study was published in 2007 in the Journal of Dental Research, the most prestigious journal in the dental field.

Dr. Schiffman is an international expert on the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders, a professor and clinician at the U of MN School of Dentistry for more than 25 years, and inventor of the Restful Jaw™.

According to the Cochrane Collaboration, no other organization can match their quality, volume, scope and range of healthcare topics addressed in their Cochrane Reviews. With the largest collection of records of randomized controlled trials in the world, the Cochrane Reviews help facilitate the choices that practitioners, consumers, policy-makers and others face in health care.